Tuesday, August 28, 2012


That's exactly what the last two days have been.  A complete whirlwind.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  I love my job and I'm glad to be back at work with a new set of students...but it seems like my body has gone on strike or something.  It doesn't want to get up in the morning, it doesn't want to wear heels all day, it doesn't want to eat breakfast at 6 am or lunch at 11...but two days are down, and I'm loving every minute with the kids.  This makes every bit of the sleepy eyes, tired feet, and rumbling stomach SO WORTH IT.

Here's my teammate, Mr. Siler, and myself on the first day...before the kids arrived of course.  I never look like that by 3 pm!  And yes, we planned to wear matching colors.  We are that cool.

Now, meet Jurante.  This is my child...well, sort of.  He was in my class two years ago and I took him in as my own.  He rides to school with me in the mornings and puts up with my morning time frenzies. He's a blessing and a daily reminder of why I do what I do.

He's such a good kid!!  I know, I know he doesn't look like he's 13, but he is.  He's gonna be plowing through some kids on the football field next Wednesday.  (First game of the Grizzly season!)

With all the craziness of going back to school, it's been kashi in the morning and bag lunches for me.  Dinners have been quick and easy too.

Last night's...

 and tonight's...

and yes, I literally ate a big plate of brussel sprouts.  I may just turn into one.

Tomorrow is hump day, and I start to dig in to the "real" stuff tomorrow at school.  Prayers needed.  Goodnight y'all! :)

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