Saturday, August 18, 2012

first performance success.

Bo and I got very little accomplished yesterday.  I guess you can say we were soaking up our last bit of weekday freedom before we go back to work on Monday.  The day consisted of eating, laying around, eating, laying get the point...until last night, of course!  Bo made the best scramble up-to-date with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and spinach.  Topped with a little bit of cheese, and I was one happy girl.

Did I mention caramel drizzle coffee in one of my brand new mugs? :)  We found these at the Christmas Tree Shop.  No, they don't sell Christmas's sort of an upscale Big Lots.  Bo and I hit the jackpot there, leaving with mugs, super cute martini glasses, an "L" mat for the front door, two trashcans for my classroom, and several other good finds!  The coffee mugs were only $1 each and they match our beachy/nautical theme.


So, Last night was the first football game of the season AND the drill team's very first performance of the new season.  They did wonderfully, as always, and made me one very proud coach!  Did I mention how beautiful they looked?

Ok, try again.

Much better.

Two of Bo's wrestlers snuck into this one...anything to sit next to a cute girl.


This morning, I've been working on some school work (for grad school, that is) while Bo worked on booking a room for our cousin Anna's wedding the first weekend in September.  Really looking forward to that!  He also made me some pretty good waffles--frozen, but made with love.  Notice the super delicious fresh fruit toppings.

I also stumbled across this prayer while browsing Pinterest (when I should've been doing school work).  This is why it takes me SO long to get through my work...I distract myself with more interesting and fun things.  If you're a teacher, you can probably relate to the prayer's words.

Time to get down to business.  I've got two dogs to shampoo and groom, a house to clean, and a hubby to love <3  Happy Saturday!

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