who's who

My name is Becky Lansche, I’m 27 years old, and I now live in Greenville, SC.  I am a fifth grade teacher (formerly a sixth grade teacher) at Hollis Academy.  There is a lot to be said for having a job you truly love.  When I’m not teaching, I’m a happy wife, a mommy of two (dogs, that is), a Zumba instructor, and now an aspiring blogger.  I’m extremely passionate about education, family, fitness (dance, in particular), and FOOD.  You won’t meet a girl who likes to eat more than me! I’ve most recently become interested in learning my way around the kitchen and figuring out this cooking thing.  Leading a healthy well-rounded lifestyle is important to me, so I’m going to focus my efforts on whipping up good-tasting yet healthy foods.  It may be a disaster, it may not…you never know until you try, right?  So, here’s to DANCING and COOKING and everything in-between.

bo - my hubby
Bo and I met at the high school where we both coached.  I was actually preparing my girls to go to a national dance team competition, and sent an email to the teachers to notify them of the girls’ absences from school.  He replied to my email with his best wishes and offered to come to our dress rehearsal if I’d have dinner with him…how smooth, right?  I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d like this guy.  I guess I was right because I actually really LOVE this man.  He is my best friend and my soul mate, and my life would feel utterly incomplete without him in it.

miller & lucy - the kids
Miller is 3 years old and Lucy is seven years old (or 49, in pup years).  These two add so much JOY to our lives!  Don’t be surprised if you see Miller peeking in on photos, especially in the kitchen.  He hangs around just in case we drop some ingredients.  He rarely almost always gets lucky!

mom & dad
My parents are absolutely wonderful.  I couldn’t have asked for better parents, honestly.  My dad has spent a lifetime working incredibly hard to give my mom, my siblings, and I everything we need plus most of what we want.  He is a car and golf addict, but does a little bit of fishing on the side.  I like to call my mom “supermom”…she pretty much does it all.  I don’t know how she manages to juggle working for my dad’s business, taking care of 11-year-old triplets, AND keeping up with my brother and I, but she does it with grace.  She somehow still manages to maintain a social life and take lots of shopping trips…I give her all the credit for my addiction to shopping!

the three stooges - alex, emma, & camryn
These three are the apple(s) of my eye.  My mom and dad decided to expand the family later in life, and we were blessed to have not one, but TRIPLETS arrive on July 11, 2002 just 10 days before my 16th birthday.  Lucky me, right?  Actually, I am so lucky to be the big sister of three very unique individuals.  I can’t wait to see what beautiful young ladies they’re going to grow up to be.  I will be there every step of the way.

rusty - big brother
He is the best brother I could ask for...not just a brother, but a friend too.  I love this guy.  And just so we're clear, I love him even more now that he's got such a super girlfriend.  

marie - mom-in-law
Bo’s mom and I clicked from the moment we met.  She is a wonderful person.  She would do anything for us, and has been our biggest supporter all along.  She often joins me in the kitchen when she is home to help out in my latest cooking endeavors.

sarajane, nicholas, & mark
Sarajane and Mark are my in-laws and Nicholas is my nephew.  We love this family, and enjoy weekly dinners and wine together.  You will never meet a more giving and caring couple.  I feel lucky to be a part of their family.  Nicholas is my math buddy!

catherine blue ward - the best friend
Catherine and I have been best friends since the sixth grade.  She’s helped me through some of the toughest times in my life…I may not have gotten through them without her.  Catherine just had her first little one, Dylan Thomas Ward.  She's going to be the best mommy.  We have the best of times together.  Even though she’s 700 miles away from me, I still feel like she’s right here.


  1. I absolutely love this blog thing! One more thing to add to your awesome self! I think, and always have thought you as so adorable! And speaking of adorable, besides your family and friends...the doggies....awe....but Lucy...so cute, and would Prince be a "cougar" chaser if he hooked up with Lucy..she is an OLDER woman! So I will return to blog back...I need to check this out, maybe start my own! Have a wonderful night!

  2. You are so funny!! Lucy is such a princess...perfect for your prince :) So glad you're enjoying reading! My camera died while in GA, so as soon as I get home tomorrow, I'll update! xoxo