Wednesday, August 22, 2012

heaven on earth.

Today was OOBER busy, but oh so good.  Bo and I got up early and went to the gym for some early morning exercise.  I opted to get on the elliptical today since my knees have been so achey the last few days.  It's been quite some time since I've exercised on the elliptical because we've been running and doing Insanity lately, and I admit I missed it.  I did forget something about the machine--it can either be a good workout or a great workout.  It was five minutes into the workout before I had it adjusted at the intensity I needed in order to sweat.  Thank goodness, "Coach Bo" was on the elliptical next to me, thrilled to be able to instruct me and display his overflowing knowledge (which is only overflowing in his own mind).  By the time we'd left the gym, he'd taught me how to operate the machines and the most effective exercises for a good ab workout.  Gotta love that guy!

After breakfast (cereal) and a shower, I set off to run a few errands before work.  God must've known I needed a little boost because he gave me a job this morning.  As I'm driving down the road, I spot a dog running down the middle of the road ahead of me...on his way to being hit by a car.  I immediately pulled over into the nearest parking lot, where I coaxed the dog over.  Thankfully, Cloe had on a tag with contact information so I was able to get up with the owners.  The owner was actually driving around with her young daughter looking for the dog when I called.  They were both so relieved and thankful.  I was so thrilled to have saved Cloe, but most excited to have the opportunity to help make someone else's day a little better.  I was one happy girl.

I'm saving the world, one dog at a time :)


So, we had orientation at school today and I had the opportunity to meet many of my students and their families.  What an awesome turnout!  I can't express my excitement to get these kids in the classroom and start building relationships with them all.  I thank God daily that I have a job I love so much.  By the time it was all over, I was pretty tired of being on my feet.  I wasn't looking forward to coming home and working on dinner or cleaning dishes or...well, doing anything really.  But, I walked in the door to this.

Can you say "heaven on earth"?!  Because that's what this is.  Heaven. on. earth.  I have the world's most wonderful husband.  Crab cakes, check.  Asparagus, check.  Broccoli, check.  And black beans, check.  (He knows my vegetarian self needs some protein!)  AND FLOWERS TOO?? Check!

This day just couldn't get any better.  Unless, of course, you have a husband like mine who rented a movie for us to watch.  Gotta go, the lovebirds have a flick to snuggle up to...

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