Monday, August 6, 2012

a new perspective.

I left church yesterday feeling a mix of emotions.  I was really enlightened and I felt a pretty strong conviction too.  Chad preached out of the book of Jonah and of course, you're automatically thinking about the whale right?  At least that's what I thought when he said we would be digging into the word out of Jonah.  Anyway, Chad talked with us about Jonah running away from God.  Physically running to what was thought to be the furthest place on earth at that time, Tarshish.  On this boat trip (which would've taken THREE years), there were severe storms and Jonah knew that they were a result of the decision he'd made to run from God.  The sermon continued and Chad made many really good points and it was all really relevant to my life.  I couldn't help but think about all the running I've done...and still do.  So, I'm challenging myself this week ahead to really pay attention to what it is God wants me to do and walk towards it rather than away from it.  If you haven't looked at it lately, read the first Chapter out of Jonah.

After church, Bo and I made a quick run to Target to see if we could find a new duvet cover.  I get tired of bed linens pretty quickly and was ready for a change. Look what we found!

It's not Pottery Barn, but it looks pretty darn cute :)  Best part, it was only $25.  SOLD.

Later in the afternoon, Bo and I went with my sisters and mom to a friend's baby shower.  The shower was a lot of fun, although I don't really know the parents too well.  We were there for the grandparents who were throwing the shower.  Frank and Carol are friends of our family and we love them!  I befriended the sweetest little girl, Kylie, at the party.  Kylie is 9 and has Williams Syndrome.  She made me think of my little brother and what he might've been like had he lived to be her age.  It's always a blessing to me when I have the opportunity to interact with special needs children.  I've always thought they're perfect on the inside...
The mom-to-be was showered with some really great gifts, especially super-cute girl clothes :)  Those are my favorite...the ruffles and the bows!  It wasn't exciting enough to have one of my own though.  Only snapped a few pictures while we were there.


This morning, Bo was off early to tennis practice, leaving me to do breakfast on my own.  I enjoyed a cup of Macadamia Nut Coffee and a bowl of cereal, made just right.

On today's to-do list...getting ready for school with some early lesson planning, getting the kitchen sink fixed (eek!), and heading to the gym for a Zumba class!  Happy Monday :)

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