Saturday, August 25, 2012

bright idea.

This morning marked our first "technique practice" for the season.  My dance team is going to compete at the NDA Nationals in Orlando, FL in March.  We've been twice before, placing fifth the first time and sixth the second time.  Both times, we lacked the level of difficulty in the area of technique (turns, leaps, jumps, etc.).  Thankfully, one of my friends owns a studio in town and she went to school for dance education so she actually has training in teaching and correcting technique (which isn't my forte').  I can DO it because I grew up learning and doing it, but I have no training on how to teach technique.  Annabeth owns Get the Pointe Dance Studio and she so graciously has agreed to have a technique workshop with us once a month to work on our technical skills.  This morning, we practiced from 7-10 am and the girls did a great job!  I have a feeling it's really going to help us at competition this year.

Afterwards, Bo and I headed to the gym for a workout.  I had little motivation to work out after practice but made myself go.  I keep reminding myself how much I'll regret it if I don't do it.  So, I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical at an intensity of 10 and another 10 minutes on the treadmill at a speed of 6.0.  Afterwards, Bo took me through an upper body workout in the weight room (which I usually avoid if I'm on my own).  I left feeling much better...rejuvenated, actually.  So, I had this bright idea to start logging my workouts on the blog.  Hopefully, this will hold me accountable not only to workout regularly but also to add in some variety.  Check out my 'Workout Log' to start viewing my daily workout log.  I'm excited to get started...

After we left the gym, we ran by my own townhouse to pick up the last piece of furniture.  Its a ladder bookcase and was super easy to move.  While I was there, I found two Cardio Barre dvds that belong to Annabeth (yes, we were roomies for a short while).  I stole them but called her and let her know :)  I'm super excited to try them out.  Will give you my reviews after I do.


Bo and I are planning on cooking dinner tonight at home and heading over to mom and dad's house for a movie date--we're watching Madagascar 3 with the girls.  Can't wait!  Have a good Saturday, and hope it's not as dreary wherever you are!

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