Sunday, September 9, 2012

sum-it-up sunday!

Weekends can be extremely busy.  They can also be lazy or relaxing.  Either way, I find it difficult to pick up my computer and write because I'm either running around like mad or taking a break from it all.  So, I thought it might be a good idea to start "Sum-it-up Sunday", where I'll share the weekend events with you all!


Friday night + Fall = New Bern High School football games.  It's inevitable.  I spend most Friday nights sitting in the stands awaiting halftime when my girls step out on the field.  While I enjoy watching the games, I do NOT enjoy watching games like the one we played this week.  We won with a score of 47-2 (if that gives you any idea how uneventful the game was).  I took my sisters with me to the game where they enjoyed hanging out with two of their school buddies.

 Could they get any cuter?!  I passed out after the game from sheer exhaustion.


Saturday morning brought an egg and cheese whole wheat bagel my way.  Bo makes the BEST breakfast sandwiches.  I enjoyed it with a Macadamia Cookie flavored coffee.

It hit the spot!  Afterwards, I headed to the gym for a workout session which consisted of 50 minutes on the elliptical followed by some abs work.  Most gym sessions amount to similar exercise because I've been having such issues with my knees.  I'm going to an orthopedic to have them checked out.  I want to figure out what's wrong, but I also want to know what I can and can't do on them...I don't want to injure them to the point that I'm unable to exercise.

Afterwards, I had a coffee date with my friend Stephanie (whom I adore!).

This is an older picture of us...but meet Steph!  We hadn't seen each other since my birthday, so I got to unwrap my birthday gifts!  Stephanie always gives the best gifts, probably because she knows me so well :)

I was so thrilled about the new earrings and devotional!  I've actually been looking for a good devotional, since I've finished Jesus Calling...perfect timing, Steph!  I can't wait to start reading it.

After my coffee date, I went to meet one of my ex-students and her mom for lunch at Jinza, a small japanese restaurant in town.  Unfortunately, I forgot to snap pictures but I can definitely give you my reviews and it gets two thumbs up!  I had an avocado salad which was to. die. for.  And, as always, I enjoyed the Hibachi vegetables.  Delish.

Saturday evening, Bo and I had a date night--dinner and a movie.  It was perfect and much needed.


This morning, we woke early to clean up some before church.  We got it all done except for the mounds upon mounds of laundry, which I'm still working on.  I don't like laundry one just never seems to be finished.  I'm all about finishing tasks, so it totally messes up the to-do list.  Church today was great, especially the worship.  Our church had a celebration following the service, but Bo and I skipped out because a) I was feeling icky, and b) we had way too much to do when we got home :(  

The rest of our day consisted of school work, grocery shopping, and an afternoon movie.  Bo cooked an really good dinner for me tonight--one of my favorite.  Whole wheat pasta with veggies and alfredo sauce.  It's super easy but SO tasty.  He must've known his sniffling, sneezing wife needed something special!  The picture honestly doesn't do it justice.


So, where are the pups the last few days????  Well, Lucy is her pretty little princess self as always.  Miller, on the other hand, it in a bit of a state.

See that poor little noggin'?  He got some sort of infection so Bo had to take him in to the vet this week.  The doc gave him a cortisone shot and sent up home with a topical treatment (which Miller hates).  It smells horrible, but his head does seem to be healing up from the treatment.  Thank heavens, because I worry about my boy when he isn't feeling 100%.  Prayers for Miller, please!


Ok, time to wind down...early start tomorrow.  Sweet dreams :)

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