Sunday, September 16, 2012

i'm a slacker.

It's been exactly a week since my last post.  The sad part is that my week has been entirely uneventful and not real worthy of much discussion.  There hasn't been much going on in the kitchen.  Breakfast each morning consisted of the same thing.

Kashi cereal + blueberries.  Exciting, no.  Filling, yes.  It did the trick this week.  Dinners were hit and miss and not worthy of mention.

The week consisted of work and practice.  In between the two, I've been trying to get all the paperwork straight to begin my internship class on Tuesday.  It's been pushed back for two weeks due to financial aid confusion and paperwork issues, which has caused me a great deal of frustration.  Thankfully, it is now taken care of and I will officially start this week.  No more delays.  I will admit though that it has been quite a break not having to juggle full-time graduate work with these first few weeks of school (especially considering how hectic it's been!).

This weekend brought several much-needed things my way...

1.  Time with my husband.  During the week, we are both so busy that we collide around 8 pm each night.  Unfortunately, we are both exhausted by then and are able to do two things--eat, then go to sleep.  So, this weekend, spending time together around the house, watching red box flicks, and enjoying good meals together proved to be pretty good medicine for us both.

2.  Time to read.  I'm reading a really good book right now called Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.  He talks about God and the Christian faith from a perspective different than any other.  I can actually relate to it, which is not something I can say about a lot of the "Christian" books I've read.  Not to say that those books are not good's just that sometimes I just don't feel moved by them.  That is not the case with Blue Like Jazz.

3.  Time to reflect.  My job has brought me every emotion in the last three weeks except joy.  This is so unusual because I've spent the last three years soaking joy out of the time spent with my students in and out of the classroom.  This weekend, I took a good, hard look at the situation...trying to find the root of the problem.  I haven't put my finger on it just yet, but I am praying daily for help and direction.

4.  Church.  Thank goodness God keeps calling me back to church each week, because I leave each time feeling 10 times better than before I walked in.  Pastor Danny kicked off a new series this morning called "Enemies of the Heart", based on the book by Andy Stanley.  I ran by Books-A-Million after church and picked up a copy to read throughout the next several weeks of church.  Danny said something today that really stuck and, to be completely honest, really stepped on my toes too.  He said, "What comes out of your mouth comes from the heart."  Yikes.  So I guess I need to start looking at the condition of my heart, rather than just simply filtering my words and my actions (which doesn't always work anyways!).

5.  Dunkin' Donuts Coffee.  There is something really incredible about a large coffee with 4 cream, 1 splenda, and 2 pumps of pumpkin.  I've treated myself each morning...and I don't even feel guilty about it.  Yep, I said it.  Six dollars was well spent!


After church today, Bo's mom made us lentil soup which turned out to be really good!  The best part is that we have leftovers for the week :)

 Please take note of the super cute place mat above!  I'm slowly starting to pull out the Fall decor!

The remainder of my afternoon will consist of a husband/wife gym visit followed by more reading.  I guess I should probably spend some time with Lucy too, because she's looking pretty down-in-the-dumps...

Ok, time to get off the computer and change for the gym!  Back to reality, bright and early tomorrow morning...make it a great week :)

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