Sunday, January 13, 2013

pin it.

It definitely feels like a Sunday over here at the Lansche house.  Bo went golfing all day with my dad, and so I immersed myself in my grad school studies, laundry, and cleaning.  Typical Sunday except I didn't make it to church, which is a real bummer.  I just couldn't bring myself to go alone.  So, I did the tv church thing, which is really crap compared to the real deal.  

It's honestly a wonder that there was any cleaning left to do.  Bo got up Thursday morning and did a few things around the house that he thought were monumental.  This is what I found...

Bo washed the dishes and left this note.

He also managed to get a trash bag in the can after taking the trash out...

And of course, we can't forget the stove that was gleaming after he cleaned it.  Gotta love him.  
Anyway, while I was in cleaning mode, I decided to organize a little.  I wanted to tackle the mounds of magazines I have laying around.  I got the idea not too long ago to create my own little pin book using clippings from magazines.  I always find little bits of inspiration in my magazines--whether it's a recipe idea, inspiration for healthy living, exercise ideas...but I've never been one to keep things stacked up.  So, inspired by interest, I've started pulling my favorites out and pinning them in a book I've created.  Some of today's finds included...


The beginnings of my pin book...

This definitely doesn't compare to the real Pinterest (that I'm oh-so-fond-of) but it's a great way to save the articles and other pieces that motivate me.  I can flip back through when I need a workout idea or if I'm just feeling lazy, it gives me a bit of a boost!  What's even better, my OCD doesn't get too out-of-control because I've cleared some clutter :)


 This pretty much sums up my Sunday...nothing too exciting, but got some things accomplished.  No complaints here.  Now brace yourselves, because I'm heading into the kitchen to do some prep work for a crockpot recipe I found for Lowfat Veggie Stew.  If all goes well, it'll be tomorrow night's grub.  SAY. A. PRAYER.

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