Saturday, January 26, 2013

a whim.

First thing's first.  We celebrated a very important date since my last posting.  We celebrated Bo's 33rd birthday last week at Arturo's with a mini-fiesta!  I'll give you a brief recap in pictures...

The birthday boy is SO handsome ;)
(don't mind workout attire...looking rough)

The drink that did him in...


By far, my favorite picture of the night.  And PS, it was an action shot, not a pose (if you can believe that!).


I cannot describe just how good it feels to be home on a wrestling tournament, no cleaning to do, and no homework.  It's amazing, and highly unusual during this time of year (a.k.a wrestling season).

Bo and I still got up fairly early this morning to go to the Farmer's Market downtown.  We went prepared to watch the cupcake war, judged by New Bern's very own winner of the real cupcake war.  Unfortunately, the weather last night set everything back a couple of hours and we were too early.  Needless to say, we missed it.  But, Camryn still managed to swindle her way into getting a cupcake from one of the contestants.  It pays to be cute AND sweet :)

When we left the market, I snapped some quick pics of the record-breaking cold.  Brrrrrrr!!!!

So, we enjoyed breakfast with mom at Carolina Bagel, then came back home to relax.  I'm watching Runaway Bride and simultaneously trying to get mentally psyched up to head to the gym in a little while...chances are looking slim.


I am famous for my diet and exercise whims, none of which stick for very long.  Last week at a training session for work, a girl was sharing with everyone her reviews of Jillian Michael's detox water.  She lost 12 pounds in seven days just by drinking this water -- no change in diet and no added exercise.  I, of course, was immediately interested and set off to find the ingredients to this miracle detox.  The main ingredient, dandelion root tea, was the hardest to find.  I was super excited to start my detox, and I was very disciplined about drinking it.  My reviews = 2 thumbs DOWN.  I don't think I used the bathroom all week long.  TMI, I know.  But seriously, what was I thinking?!  I might have actually gained a few pounds.  I think the lesson learned here is this:  no whim, as good as it might sound, ever produces real results.  So, I've resolved to stick to 80% healthy eats, 20% splurges + daily exercise.  I'm down 12 pounds from a few months ago and I feel a TON better, so I should probably stick with it.


Ok, off to change into my gym clothes.  I'm one step closer to my goal for this afternoon...

Stay warm this weekend :)

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