Thursday, March 21, 2013

the girls.

Last weekend, I went to Flat Rock, NC with my mom and my little sisters.  The girls are in the AG program at school and participated in Destination Imagination, a competition for the "smart kids."  The girls were on a team that performed a silent skit in which they had to write the plot, design their costumes, and create a disguise for at least 2 characters...I think that was the requirement, anyway.  They did an awesome job, bringing home FIRST place!

How cute are they?!  They had such a good time, and I am thankful I could be there to share the experience with them.  On a side note, it is truly the first time I've realized how much they are growing up.  Ten years old doesn't sound very grown up (and I realize it's not that old), but it's a long way from the little babies they were yesterday.  They've developed very unique personalities.  They have different interests.  They're silly, but they're smart.  They are absolutely beautiful, and I feel sorry for the boys who will meet my dad one day.  What I love most though, is that they all three have a heart of gold.  They love each other, they love their family, and they love Jesus.  It doesn't get any better than that!

On the way there, mom and I did some shopping...always a plus...and we spent quality time together while we were there.  We don't get the opportunity to do that often.

It was hard to go back to work this week after two long weekends.  Back to reality.  Yuck.  On the plus side, Spring Break starts in exactly one week!  We've got some pretty exciting things planned for the break, most important being me and Bo's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  Yep, we made it a whole year :) I can't wait for all that God has in store for us for many more to come.

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